Red Globe Press Social Work in a Risk Society

This path breaking text constructs a new way of thinking about social work based on contemporary theory. Working in a counter tradition that is suspicious of a number of governing ideas and practices in work, it draws on themes from


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CRC Press Children

However smart they are, from a social perspective children do not really count until maturity. Then of a sudden society expects responsibility, independence and in particular, commitment. This viewpoint, shared by so many young pe


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Palgrave Macmillan Policing and Combating Terrorism in Northern Ireland

This book explores the challenges of combating terrorism from a policing perspective using example of Royal Ulster Constabulary GC (RUC) in Northern Ireland. The was in frontline of counter work for thirty years of confli


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Routledge The Political Economy of the SARS Epidemic

This book discusses the political economy of SARS epidemic and its impact on human resources in East Asia, as it occurred in 2003. The spread from People's Republic of China, to Hong Kong, Singapore Taiwan, amongst other count


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CINEBOOK Green manor tome 2 en anglais the inconvenience of being dead

A cup of tea? A drop of milk? A spoonful of poison?At first sight, nothing would make the very select club called Green Manor stand out from any other English club. Yet behind its thick walls, sunk into deep chairs, hides biggest bunch of con artists, bandits murderers that Queen Victoria's England has ever seen.


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Palgrave Macmillan International Perspectives on Cyberbullying

This book brings together an international group of experts to present latest psychosocial and developmental criminological research on cyberbullying, cybervictimization intervention. With contributions from a wide range of European countr


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Bloomsbury Academic Hinduism and the 1960s

The West has drawn upon Hinduism on a wide scale, from hatha yoga and meditation techniques, to popular culture in music fashion, yet the contribution of to counter of 1960s not been analysed in full.


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Palgrave Macmillan Linguistic Disobedience

This book asks how we as citizens, immigrants, activists, teachers can counter the abuse of language in our midst. How we take back power of from those who flaunt that to silence or erase us and fellows? In search of ans


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Policy Press Where academia and policy meet

Based on data from 12 diverse societies, this is the first cross national comparative study on academic engagement in social policy formulation. The chapters present survey on involvement of work academics in different count


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Kinguin Void Warfare Steam CD Key

The void is vast and dark. Sectors are patrolled by various vessels of Alien origins. Select a ship from the 40 available options, configure their weapon mounts launch into instant action Space Vehicular Combat. Choose 5 Ship Lines; Ascik, Ertin, Zela, Ralloz or Ogin. Pick 8 Ships per Line; Seeker, Fighter, Carrier, Freighter, Cruiser, Annihilator, Destroyer, or Behemoth. Each with own different Hull, Shield, Speed Rotation values. 18 game modes,


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