Hyperink College Admissions Guide The Best Book On Elite (Former Stanford

ABOUT THE BOOK Applying to college is likely the most stressful and important moment in a teenager's academic life. Pressure from friends, family, teachers, oneself add up to make this an overwhelming process to go through, especially f


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Swit Occasion SWIT S 8U63 Batterie Li Ion rechargeable pour cameras Sony

This S 8U63 BP U Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery from SWIT can be used with select Sony camcorders the professional PMW and PXW lines. battery interfaces camera electronically, providing real time information such as approximate capacity remaining viewing on monitors in viewfinder.


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MQUP From India to Israel

Between May 1948 and December 1951, Israel received approximately 684,000 immigrants from across the globe. The arrival of so many ethnic, linguistic, cultural groups to such a small place in a short time was unprecedented new countr


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Johns Hopkins University Press Instrumental Intimacy

From Fitbits to GPS trackers, wearables promise to help us understand improve ourselves in quantified ways. We count steps, location, even monitor brain waves as we strive to achieve better fitness, clearer direction, or


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Elsevier Contraception, An Issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics

There have been exciting new developments and research related to currently available contraceptives. In addition, in the last seven years, emergency contraception has gone from behind counter to being FDA approved for use. This issue addresse


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Oxford University Press From Christian Science to Jewish

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, thousands of American Jews were drawn to teachings of Christian Science. Viewing such attraction with alarm, Reform Rabbis sought to counter Science's appeal by formu


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Routledge The Political Economy of the SARS Epidemic

This book discusses the political economy of SARS epidemic and its impact on human resources in East Asia, as it occurred in 2003. The spread from People's Republic of China, to Hong Kong, Singapore Taiwan, amongst other count


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Palgrave Macmillan Social Work in a Risk Society

This path breaking text constructs a new way of thinking about social work based on contemporary theory. Working in a counter tradition that is suspicious of a number of governing ideas and practices in work, it draws on themes from


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Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd New Forms of Urban Governance in India

This work looks at the impact of decentralization on local governance arrangements and citizen participation in urban democracy processes in India. To analyse various issues, it includes case studies from major cities throughout countr


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Bloomsbury Academic Hinduism and the 1960s

The West has drawn upon Hinduism on a wide scale, from hatha yoga and meditation techniques, to popular culture in music fashion, yet the contribution of to counter of 1960s not been analysed in full.


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